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A group of Louisville citizens residing in close proximity to LG&Eā€™s Cane Run Generating Station in west Louisville have filed suit against LG&E and its parent company, Pennsylvania-based PPL Corp. The residents are alleging that federal environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act are being violated as a result of coal ash from the plant becoming airborne and drifting into their neighborhoods, homes and lungs. The Cane Run site has previously been ranked as high hazard due to its proximity to a residential neighborhood.

We previously reported in 2011 about growing concerns over the coal ash being emitted from the Cane Run plant. Coal ash is the waste created from burning coal to produce energy. It contains toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and aluminum.

According to Physicians for Social Responsibility , physical contact, including inhalation, with coal ash poses serious risks such as cancer, neurological effects, heart damage, lung disease, reproductive problems, kidney disease, gastrointestinal illness, birth defects, and impaired growth in children.

A CSX train in southwestern Louisville has derailed. A hazardous materials alert was issued in Monday morning after a strong chemical odor was detected. Residents within a one-mile radius of the derailment have been asked to evacuate their homes. A Level 3 HazMat alert has been issued.

MetroSafe spokeswoman Jody Duncan said the train derailed at about 6 a.m. EDT near the Ohio Valley Dragway on Dixie Highway and spilled multiple chemicals, including butadiene, hydrogen chloride, and hydrochloric acid, which can cause coughing, choking, inflammation of the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract.

A Level 3 HazMat alert, the highest possible, has been issued for the area.

A previous post, covered the concerns about a coal ash pond at an LG&E plant in Trimble County, Kentucky. New concerns have arisen over LG&E’s Cane Run Plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky leads the nation with 53 coal ash ponds. If the levee of a coal ash pond breaks, it more than likely will result in an disaster for people, their property and the surrounding environment. Massive fish and wildlife deaths could occur.

Coal ash is the waste created from burning coal to produce energy. It contains toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum.