Travel Converters Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) has announced a recall of Samsonite Dual-Wattage Travel Converter Kits. The converter can overheat if a load in excess of 50 watts is applied to the converter while in the 50-watt setting. This poses a fire and burn hazard to consumers.

This recall involves the Samsonite Dual-Wattage Travel Converter Kits and affects approximately 20,000 units. The converter has a red switch to adjust the wattage of the appliance from 50 to 1600 watts. The words “Dual-Wattage Converter” and “Do Not Use 50W on Hair Dryer” appear on the front of the converter. The Samsonite logo appears on each piece in the set.

The product was sold in stores nationwide and at the Samsonite on-line store from January 2011 through December 2012 for approximately $35.