Federal Authorities Say Carbide Industries Failed to Investigate and Maintain Equipment

In March 2011 an explosion ripped through the Carbide Industries plant in Rubbertown killing two workers. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (“CSB”) released a report this week heavily criticizing the company for a number of safety and maintenance failures.

“Carbide displayed a chronic lack of commitment to figuring out what was going wrong, ignoring all the warning signs, even as its workers were exposed to a potential massive explosion just a few feet away from their control room,” said CSB Chairperson Rafael Moure-Eraso. “This accident is literally a case study into the tragic, predictable consequences of running equipment to failure even when repeated safety incidents over many years warn of impending failure,” Moure-Eraso continued.

Two employees were killed and two others were injured when an furnace built up too much pressure and released powdered debris, hot gases, and molten calcium carbide.