Another Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese Recall Due To Listeria Contamination

Last month we posted about a recall of Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, which is made here in Kentucky. It was due to potential Listeria contamination. A new recall has been issued for the same reasons. Samples have tested positive for Listeria contamination. The affected products are:

1. Colby, Colby Cheese
2. Chipotle Colby, Flavored Colby Cheese
3. Monterey Jack, Jack Cheese
4. Mild Cheddar, Cheddar Cheese
The cheeses were sold beginning on September 20, 2012 to retail outlets, restaurants and at farmer’s markets in several states, including Kentucky. The product ID numbers are as follows:

Lot # 120625
Lot # 120719
Lot #120711
Lot # 120724
Recalled products should be returned to Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese. A full refund will be issued. Anyone who becomes ill due to the contaminated cheese should keep track of and document medical expenses, lost income and other out of pocket expenses.


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