Carroll County Head Start Bus Crash Investigation Continues

The investigation into the bus crash that claimed the lives of two young children and injured several others. We previously posted about the wreck here. The two fatalities have been identified as Caroline Tuttle and Ryder Deitze, both only 3 years old.

As we posted previously, it is paramount that a full and complete investigation take place to determine all the contributing causes and factors to provide answers not only to authorities and officials, but also to the families. It appears that, at least initially, is happening. The Kentucky State Police have had an accident reconstruction team on site and have also towed the wreckage to a secure location in order to preserve it and further investigate any potential mechanical failures, maintenance issues or other defective conditions that may have led to the wreck.

There have also been reports of a second accident reconstruction team, but the identity of that team and who they are working on behalf of remains unclear. Oftentimes, insurance companies that insure a vehicle involved in a catastrophic accident, such as this one, will dispatch its own team to investigate. They know that being able to investigate as soon as possible leads to the preservation of the most evidence and is much more beneficial than trying to piece together things later. Of course, an insurance company’s interest can be adverse to those who have been injured or killed in such an accident.