Seven Deadliest Driving Days Of The Year

Chris Davis, a Seattle attorney with the Davis Law Group, has performed some interesting research into the peak times of the year for car accident deaths. Days traditionally know for celebrations when the alcohol consumption rate is higher specific days where stress levels are likely to be higher lead the list. The days on the list include:

1. New Year’s Eve or Day;
2. Super Bowl Sunday;
3. Daylight Savings;
4. Tax Filing Deadline Day;
5. Fourth of July;
6. Labor Day;
7. Thanksgiving Day.

Additionally, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day has long been know for its higher rate of fatalities and called the 100 Deadly Days of Summer mainly due to increased alcohol consumption.

This is some very interesting research and conclusions. Now that these days have been identified, maybe there is something that can be done to reduce the accidents and deaths that occur on them.


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