Recall Round Up I: Thoratec HeartMate Heart Pump, Crispy Brand Cookies, Eddy Chicken & Apple Sausage, Simply Enjoy Vanilla Cream Puffs, Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster Beverage

Here are some of the recalls and warnings from this past week of note:

1. Thoratec HeartMate Heart Pump. Lot numbers are 103393, 103695, 104692, 104911, 104912. The outflow graft may deform or kink resulting in a reduction of blood flow. Find out more here.

2. TWI Foods Inc.’s Crispy Cookies.
Product UPC Size
Crispy Pistachio Cookies 6 27265 00601 3 400 g
Crispy Pistachio Cookies 6 27265 00161 2 200 g
Crispy Almond Cookies 6 27265 00120 9 400 g
Crispy Almond Cookies 6 27265 00520 7 200 g
Crispy Coconut Cookies 6 27265 00121 6 400 g
Crispy Coconut Cookies 6 27265 00521 4 200 g
Crispy Almond Cake Rusk 6 27265 00217 6 750 g
Undeclared allergens: milk and almonds. Learn more here.

3. Eddy Packing Co., Inc.’s Chicken and Apple Sausage. May contain foreign objects. Find out more here.

4. Creme Curls Bakery, Inc.’s Simply Enjoy Vanilla cream puffs. Undeclared allergen: milk. UPC Codes #6-88267-12409-9 and #0-70109-60055-5. Learn more here.

5. Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster beverage.
12-oz bottles – UPC Code: 14054 13509
32-oz bottles – UPC Code: 14054 13504
12-oz bottles (variety pack) – UPC Code: 0 14054 26659 6
“Enjoy by” dates of prior to May 23, 2012. Apparent undeclared allergens: peanuts and/or tree nuts. Find our more here.

Dangerous and defective products are responsible for many injuries and deaths nationwide. Our profession calls this area of law products liability. Consulting an attorney experienced in handling these matters is usually easy. Most lawyers will provide a complimentary initial consultation to evaluate a claim or case and let the person know if they can help.

This consumer protection information is provided by Louisville, Kentucky attorney Will Nefzger, a partner at Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC.


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