Prisoner Alleges Circumcision Affects His Sexual Performance, Asks For Reattachment Surgery

The question has been debated for years: does circumcision affect a man’s sexual performance? According to a man in South Dakota it has a negative affect, which is why he has filed a federal circumcision lawsuit against the hospital where he was born. He claims he only recently learned of his missing foreskin, and that doctors misled his mother into believing the procedure was medically necessary.

Dean Cochrun is the man in question and he is asking for $1,000 and free reattachment surgery. Of course, the reattachement surgery will have to wait until Cochrun, 28, is let out of prison, where he is currently housed on a kidnapping conviction.

He is alleging that he “was robbed of sensitivity during sexual intercourse.” The circumcision lawsuit further states that he lost “the sense of security and well-being I am entitled to in my person.” It will be interesting to see how far this lawsuit goes, and what, if any, medical expert proof the plaintiff intends to offer.


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