Dog Owner Sues Over Safety Of Dog Treat

The death of a 9-year-old Pomeranian has erupted into a unique new lawsuit.
According to the allegations of the dog’s owners the death is a result from eating a dog treat is hardly “what nature intended,”
The owner has sued Nestle Purina Petcare Co and
Wal-Mart Stores Inc, saying his dog died from eating
chicken jerky treats. Furthermore, he alleges that Nestle knew that the “treats” posed a
substantial risk of illness or death.

The federal lawsuit seeking class-action status was filed in
Chicago last week. The owner is a resident of the Chicago
suburb of Orland Park.

For dog owners interested in protecting their pet’s health the product in question is the Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train
Yam Good dog treats, whose packaging calls the product “just
wholesome goodness” and claims “it’s what nature intended.”

He said that after buying the treats at a Wal-Mart store, he
fed one each day from March 13 to 15 to Cleopatra, a 9-year-old
Pomeranian, without changing the rest of her diet.

Cleopatra became ill and died on March 26 of kidney failure,
the complaint said. We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the status of the safety of these dog treats.


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