Birth Injury Lawsuit Settled For $5.3 Million

A lawsuit, filed against New York Presbyterian Hospital, accused medical staff of failing to provide a new mother with adequate care. The family announced last week that the case was settled for $5.3 million dollars.

According to the facts that have been made public, the mother had visited the hospital for observation and treatment while pregnant. Still, she gave birth at 32 weeks, and the baby was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The lawsuit asserted that “not enough steps were taken to prevent this premature birth.”

While this settlement is certainly does not represent the true value of the damages the family in question has suffered, it will at least help to ease their burden. These types of birth injuries injuries are caused by a lack of proper medical care. Sometimes hospital staff didn’t properly monitor the baby, or the doctor failed to take precautions during a high-risk pregnancy. Other times, poor decisions were made in the delivery room.

Defense lawyers for New York Presbyterian obviously felt that there was sufficient evidence to meet this standard, and therefore settling the case was their best option.


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