Schindler Elevator Company Repairmen Killed In Louisville, Kentucky Workplace Accident

Last week, I posted about the Gallitin Steel/Harsco Metals, Inc. industrial explosion in Carroll County, Kentucky that claimed the life of some workers. This week another tragic workplace accident occurred that claimed the life of a Louisville, Kentucky man. William “Bill” Motley suffered fatal injuries when he was pinned by an elevator he was attempting to repair at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital. The Jefferson County Coroner’s office pronounced his death as due to multiple blunt force traumas and traumatic asphyxiation.

Our sympathies and condolences go out to the friends and family of Mr. Motley as they cope with grieving process for this unparalleled loss, especially at this time of year.

Like I stated in the post about the Gallitin Steel/Harsco explosion, although the police are conducting an investigation to determine the reason why it happened, and they typically good job, it is often important for someone involved in this type of accident, or a surviving family member or friend, to do their own investigation. Many times a thorough investigation will reveal information not identified in the police investigation, causes other than driver error and responsibility of other parties.

Hiring a lawyer experienced in handling workplace accidents and injuries can assure a victim of such an incident, or the family, that their interests and rights are being protected. A lawyer experienced in handling these types of matters will know what to do to uncover any information and underlying causes that do not appear on the surface and may go unrecognized in other investigations.

There are a number of legal issues that have to be sorted through. For example, while Mr. Motley’s family will have a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, they may also have claims against other responsible individuals or entities outside of the employer-employee relationship. Answers to questions such as whether something involved in the incident was defective and whether there were any breaches of safety rules and regulations that led to the accident need to be explored and answered.

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