Morgan County, Kentucky Accident Kills One, Sends Two to Hospital

Brittany Williams was driving south on Ky. 7 the night of May 31 when she crossed the center line and struck the vehicle of Gerry N. Blackwell and Terry Blackwell. Drugs were a factor and criminal charges are pending.

Gerry N. Blackwell, the driver of the struck car, was pronounced dead at the scene. Both Terry Blackwell, a passenger in Gerry’s car, and Williams were taken to UK Hospital. Terry remained in serious condition on Tuesday night. Williams was in fair condition. The Blackwells were on the way home from their nephew’s visitation. Their nephew, Frederick Micah Wilson, died in a motorcycle crash on Saturday, the Lexington-Herald Leader reports.

The number of fatalities on Kentucky roads is tragic and our deepest sympathies go out to the Blackwell family. It is even more unfortunate that accidents like these can often be prevented. Far too many people are killed or injured at the hands of negligent or reckless drivers. If Williams was driving under the influence of drugs, as the police have indicated, she will be civilly and criminally liable for all of the damage she caused.

It is important that individuals involved in situations like these rely on more than the city or county investigation. The Blackwell family, and anyone else in situations like theirs, should consider engaging the assistance of an experience attorney to determine how the crash happened and to preserve evidence. An experience attorney can help protect their rights and interests.

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