Chiropractic Injuries: Stroke & Other Injuries Caused By Chiropractors

Chiropractic injuries—that is, injuries caused by the chiropractor—are more common than most chiropractic patients realize. One of the most troubling and serious injuries caused by chiropractic treatment is stroke following manipulation of the cervical spine (i.e. neck).

More Americans are seeking chiropractic treatment than any time in our history, making over 250 million visits to chiropractors last year. According to the American Chiropractic Association, over a million of these visits included neck manipulations (chiropractors prefer the term “adjustment”).

With the growing number of chiropractor visits has come an increase in chiropractic injuries. The most troubling trend is the growing number of young, healthy chiropractic patients suffering strokes following chiropractic neck adjustments. What chiropractors do not want people to know (and what they often do not warn their unsuspecting patients of) is that abrupt twisting of the neck can damage the inner layer of the vertebral artery (called a vertebral artery dissection), creating a blood clot. If the blood clot is forced by the flow of blood upward from the neck it can cut off blood flow to part of the brain, causing a stroke. Stroke often results in permanent brain damage, which is often quite severe.

Many victims of chiropractic stroke sought chiropractic treatment for relatively benign issues and were never informed by their chiropractor about the known risks of stroke related to neck adjustment. Had the patient been informed, they could have chosen not to undergo a procedure with such a serious potential risk in order to treat such a relatively insignificant issue. While laws very slightly from state to state, generally medical professionals have a duty to advise patients of known risks before performing procedures with serious risk of injury or death.

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