Chiropractic on Kids – Who Else Might Chiropractors Injure?

Does this concept concern you? Did you even know that many chiropracors push for treatment of children, some even as young as a couple of months old? Many highly influential chiropracic organizations, such as the Council on Chirpractic Practice, advocate the use of chiropractic treatment on children this young? With confirmed reports of adult patients suffering from vertebral artery tears and strokes, should children be put at the same risk?

This chiropractor actually tries to convince us that a standard vaginal dilervy of an infant can necessitate chiroractic treatment to correct “misalingments” of the baby’s spine caused by the delivery. This video depicts a mother bringing her new-born in for its first chiropractic “adjustments.” You will note that the chiropractor doing the traction adjustment, when asked whether stretching the baby will “even hurt him at all” responds that it won’t because babies are “all so pliable these days!”
This video depitcts another baby being adjusted. The disturbing this about this one is that you can actually observe the chiropractor rapidly twising the child’s head and neck to the side. The baby does not ever appear to be in pain, but neither are victims of vertebral artery tears prior to their injury (other than the discomfort they may be feeling that brought them to the chiropractors office in the first place). Just how far and how rapidly does a baby’s head have to be twisted to cause injury? Would you want to be the parent that finds out? I’m not sure what is causing this poor child to be upset, but does it look to you like the adjustment is helping?

At Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC, our personal injury attorneys recognize that injuries caused by chiropractors can happen to anyone, including children and infants. If you child has been injured by a chiropractic treatment, we are here to answer any questions you might have.

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