The Chiropractic Philosophy Raises Many Questions


According to the World Chiropractic Alliances’ web site, the following articulates its members’ philosophy:

We promote chiropractic as a drug-free, subluxation-based health care approach providing lifetime, family wellness care. It should be available to all people, from infancy to old age, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms. We work constantly and vigorously to ensure that chiropractic does not deteriorate into a medical therapy or incorporate drugs, surgery or other medical techniques.

Really? They think of themselves as essentially a primary care physician and/or a pediatrician? They think chiropractic treatment is appropriate without regard to whether a person has symptoms indicating a problem? Does this statement mean they think it can be appropriate to “adjust” an infant’s neck?

These are some things to consider when choosing which health care professionals to treat with. It is my plan and goal to share more insight into Chiropractic and its philosophies and beliefs on this blog.

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