Chiropractic Stroke: What Chiropractors Don’t Want You To Know

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? If so, you’ve probably had a cervical adjustment — when the chiropractor adjusts your neck. Did the chiropractor tell you before he or she adjusted your neck that a known risk of a cervical spine adjustment is the potential to crush or tear an artery to your brain causing a stroke?

Unfortunately, this is not an entirely uncommon potential risk associated with manipulation (chiropractors prefer the term “adjustment”) of the cervical spine. Even more unfortunate is the fact that most chiropractors do not want patients and potential patients to know this, lest it hurt business.

Consequently, most chiropractors don’t inform their patients of the risk of stroke before they perform a cervical adjustment on the patient. In medical and legal terms, the cervical adjustment is done without informed consent.

People who have suffered a stroke as a result of a cervical adjustment for which they were not advised of the risk of stroke beforehand may have a claim against the chiropractor who did the adjustment, and they should contact a lawyer with experience handling chiropractic stroke cases.

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